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Rekha Prakashan, a Delhi-based publishing company, was established by Late Shri K.C. Aryan, the renowned modern Indian artist, in 1951. He published his first book entitled 'REKHA' with a view to guide the aspiring graphic designers. Presently, in its fifth/sixth edition, it is known as Encyclopedia of Indian Art and contains invaluable info on the composition of Devanagri alphabet, evolution of the Devanagri script from Brahmi down the centuries and many other things. "A MUST BUY" book for all lovers of Indian art and Culture.

Since then, Rekha Prakashan has published some of the most stimulating and carefully researched books on completely unexplored areas of Indian art history, especially with a focus on Punjab and the Western Himalayas. K.C.Aryan was a pioneer in documenting the unknown aspects of the art and culture of Punjab. He placed on record the folk bronzes of this region for the first time in 1973 through his book on Folk Bronzes of Northwestern India (out of print). His daughter Dr. Subhasini Aryan `s books on diverse aspects of Western Himalayan – mainly present Himachal Pradesh -- arts, crafts, and architecture complement K.C.Aryan`s works on Punjab.

Rekha Prakashan has also published numerous books on "How to draw " series that are extremely useful for all beginners of art who aspire to learn to draw human anatomy, birds, animals, and all aspects of applied arts and graphic designing. All these books will interest all lovers of art, indologists, museum persons, art historians, scholars, students of ancient Indian history, culture and archaeology, and architecture.
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